A Fun and Non-Intimidating Environment

Our goal is to help you get fit, period.  We welcome everyone no matter of your fitness level.  Our coaching staff is here to help you learn new movements, but most importantly to KEEP YOU SAFE!

Who We Are

We are fitness professionals focused on your health and wellness.  CrossFit CMH was born through this focus and passion to get fitter and give back to others while helping achieve goals through fitness. We have worked with people in all walks of life and ages ranging from 16 – 76 years old. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or just become more active so that you can play with your kids, CrossFit CMH is here for you!



“CrossFit has helped me tremendously through the years. I am a two-time cancer survivor and this program has helped me overcome many battles, not only physically but mentally as well. Don’t believe that you have to be fit before trying CrossFit! If I can do it undergoing chemo treatment, you can do it too. The best part to me is that everything can be modified to fit my level of fitness.”

Anita Cugini

“Can’t begin to explain the positive impact Jason has already made in my motivation to work out. He guides you to become the best version of yourself possible. His wealth of knowledge is not from a textbook; he lives what he teaches.”

Dante Fowler

“Fabulous!! Excellent coaching, great facility and lots of fun. Safety is a priority and the workouts are designed to be tailored to give everyone an appropriate level of challenge. I’m very impressed and highly recommend Crossfit CMH.”

Karin Coyne

“I love that the owner is willing to work with anyone. Every body type, every fitness level, doesn’t matter. If I’m doing a WOD, I’m doing it at CrossFit CMH!”

Bianca Daniel



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Step out of your comfort zone to achieve unreal results.

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