Do you have a person in your life who does CrossFit?  With the holidays upon us, gift ideas can be tricky.  Here are 6 gift ideas for the CrossFitter in your life


One of the first items to get worn out when training 4-6 days per week are shoes.  Having the correct shoe in CrossFit is important since we train so many different types of movements including weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, biking, etc.  The two most common shoes found in a CrossFit gym are the Nike Metcon and the Reebok Nano.  These shoes offer great versatility and support for the CrossFitter in your life.  If you want to take it a step further and basically buy stock in a shoe company, a good pair of olympic weightlifting shoes are super beneficial as well.


Weightlifting Belt

A great equipment addition to anyone who lifts weights is a weightlifting belt.  A quality weightlifting will last for years and will help support your weightlifter when they need it most….when grinding through tough weights.  Some belts that we like are

Rogue Weightlifting Belt

Inzer Weightlifting Belt


Knee Sleeves

Quality knee sleeves are one of the best items that you can purchase when training.  Knee sleeves help to keep the knees warm and add a bit of compression.  With all the squatting that we do in CrossFit, you can’t go wrong with this gift!  The knee sleeves that we always recommend are



Wrist Wraps

One of the most cost efficient gifts on this list is also one of the best pieces of support equipment for your CrossFitter.  With movements such as cleans, front squats, and overhead movements, a good pair of wrist wraps add the wrist support that they need.  Wrist wraps that we like are

Rogue Wrist Wraps


Mobility Tools

Small tools can make such a huge impact!  Focusing on mobility is the single most important thing that anyone who trains hard can do for longevity in their sport.  Rolling, flossing, and massaging are keys to a healthy training program!  Some cool mobility tools that we recommend are made by

Mobility WOD



Every gym has community jump ropes and honestly, they’re just fine.  If the CrossFitter in your life is looking to up their jump rope game, then a high quality jump rope may be for them.  The most common jump ropes that we see in our gym are

RPM Jump Ropes

Mute Sports Equipment Ropes