CrossFit CMH – Reynoldsburg, Ohio

A Look At Our Community



In the planning stages of this gym, we knew what equipment we needed, how it should look, the cleanliness, and the members needed.  The equipment was easy, how it should look was easy, and keeping a clean house was super easy since we could control it.  The one thing that we REALLY cared about was the members.  Not the quantity of members, but the QUALITY of members.

Our Focus

We did not want to be a competitive athlete focused gym.  There are gyms that have teams that win competitions and make the CrossFit Games, which is such an accomplishment.  We applaud the hard work and everything that goes in to putting these athletes and teams together, we also look up to them.  Our focus at CrossFit CMH is to take people who have little to no experience with CrossFit and show them that you CAN do this.  You CAN learn how to weight lift, you CAN learn how to do some basic gymnastics, and you CAN learn how to run, bike, or row.  It’s amazing to watch someone who is coming off of the couch for the past 2o years learn how to squat correctly.  It’s incredible to watch someone who is 60 years old outwork their 20 year old grandkids, simply because they’re consistent and come to class.  We are a group of people from all different walks of life, working hard to live healthier and more active lives….and WE HAVE FUN! 

Our Plan

The first time our members come inside our gym, they are nervous.  They see a giant steel rig, rowers, bikes, and barbells.  Most think, “What the hell did I get myself into?”  Within 10 seconds, they’re greeted and shown around.  We’ll show you what each piece of equipment is and what we do with it.  We’ll put you right in to class and scale each movement down to the most fundamental version so that you learn to move correctly.  Our goal is to remove ALL forms of intimidation.  We don’t judge you or look down on you.  As a matter of fact, every single member that we have here is excited for you.  They’re excited that you’ve chosen to do something healthy!

How to Get Started

Look, we get it.  It’s easy to say, “I’ll start Monday”.  Do you ever notice that Monday really never comes?  Or maybe it comes for a few short days or even a week, and then you’re back to your old ways.  It’s easy to be comfortable, it’s easy to sleep in, go to work, and come home to watch TV.  It’s easy to eat fast food or order pizza.  EASY DOES NOT WORK.  EASY doesn’t work in anything that really changes you for the better.  Being uncomfortable and getting out of your comfort zone is what allows you to grow.  Our challenge to you is to become uncomfortable for 1 week.  We’ll let you work out here for 1 week on us, totally free, no bullshit, absolutely zero cost.  Let us show you that YOU CAN DO THIS.  All you need to do is click the link below and sign up for a free class.  That free class will allow you to come for a week for FREE!  Let’s do this, the time is right now.