Youth Activity Levels

Teaching our youth the foundations of fitness is imperative for long term health.  Technology devices are causing our kids to be more sedentary and thus setting our youth up for an unhealthy lifestyle.  Physical education programs have recently been cut from some schools and are not being replaced by after school physical activity. writes that “Physical activity among children drops sharply between the ages of 9 and 15, according to a 2008 study published in the “Journal of the American Medical Association.” Nine-year-old children averaged about three hours of moderate to vigorous physical activity on weekdays and weekends, while 15-year-old children got just 49 minutes per weekday, and 35 minutes per weekend, on average.” This is an issue that needs addressed immediately.


Our Stance

We at CrossFit CMH have seen the impact that youth fitness has on a family. We have members that bring their children to class right now.  It’s amazing to watch them bond together and do something positive and challenging together as a family.  Based on the positive changes that we’ve witnessed, we are going to add a totally different class strictly for kids.  For ages 3-7 we will focus on a fun warm up game, learning foundational bodyweight movements such as the air squat, the push up, the sit up, the lunge, finishing the class up with a fun conditioning workout.  For our 8-12 year olds, we will focus on the same bodyweight movements, but add in the pull up.  We will also teach foundational weightlifting movements with empty barbells and PVC pipes.

We want to contribute to the solution of the issue with the current state of activity levels among our youth.  We want to teach our kids those functional movements that will transition in to long term positive movement patterns.  Too many adults sit at a desk all day and are inactive by default due to their job ending up with back pain and weakened muscles.  Learning correct movement patterns and teaching fitness, we believe, will promote a life long habit that will contribute to an overall healthier life.