First of all, thanks for checking us out we really appreciate it!  We know starting a workout routine can be intimidating, but remember even experienced people were new to CrossFit when they started.  Here at CrossFit CMH, we’ve put together a comprehensive On Ramp program to acclimate you to our community.  Our On Ramp is essentially a CrossFit 101.  It’s only 3 classes long, and we offer them on Monday and Wednesday at 7:00am or 5:00pm and Saturday at 7:00am.  This means that you can literally step in to our gym fresh off of the couch and in a week learn how to move better and feel better.  We’ll teach you the basic movements and educate you on what to expect from our gym.  Looking to lose weight?  Get in better shape?  Put on muscle?  Play with your kids more?  Feel better?  We’ve got you covered!

What you will learn during On Ramp:

  • What CrossFit is and what it is not
  • How a class flows
  • How to execute the basic 9 movements

Our promise to you as a member:

  • Professional coaching
  • Non-intimidating atmosphere
  • Friendly community
  • Inclusive workouts that are modified to fit YOUR ability


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